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Laboratory and Radiology Results Policy


Laboratory and radiology results require an average of 5-10 days to be received in our office. The physicians personally review ALL results in the context of your personal medical record. Recommendations are then made based upon the provider’s assessment. Our office policy is to notify patients of normal results by patient portal if you are registered.  Otherwise, for normal results, “No news is good news!”. Our office will only call patients with abnormal results.  Please ask our staff how to register for the portal.

If you are called and asked to make an appointment regarding your abnormal results, please keep in mind that the provider wants to discuss those results with you in person. The staff member calling you may have limited information regarding your results. However, in the event that your abnormal results are simple in nature, you will be called by the nurse with the provider’s recommendations. Please feel free to make a follow up appointment at any time if you wish to discuss your plan of care in detail with your provider.

It is of the utmost importance to our providers that your results be communicated to you in a timely fashion. If it has been more than three weeks since your lab or study was performed, and you have yet to receive your results, please contact our office. Otherwise, due to the large volume of labs that our office processes, we ask that you not call our office requesting those results any sooner than three weeks.